ELMI Brand
Type - 515
Type - 531
Type - F/T/S
Type - 7AM / 17AMC
Type - ST-22
Type - TS1
Type - 515

Bimetallic Snap Action Thermostats
These thermostats are suitable for controlling or monitoring a freely selectable temperature and are available in variable versions.

Dry and steam irons, Roti makers, Deep-fat fryers, Waffle irons, OTG's, Mini-ovens, Boilers, Baby bottle warmers, Contact grills etc. and wherever necessary to control the temperature of a surface.

A bimetal strip is used as a sensing element. The thermostat is mounted directly onto the heating surface and can therefore react quickly to changes in temperature. As soon as the preset temperature is reached, the snap action contact opens the circuit. When the temperature has dropped by differential the contact automatically closes the circuit again.

6 amps. & 10 amps. 250VAc

0 - 280°C (Higher temperatures available on request)

Small size
Spindle length 20mm & 32mm
Terminals screw or Push on
Spindle Rotation 300°

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